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Why said water purifier is the "immunity" of children?

  • Published by admin July 10,2020

       In recent years, there have been a lot of campus cases which make us very sad, especially the norovirus infection incident that broke out last year, which has attracted wide attention from the society, and thus draws more and more attention to our daily life -- water. The importance of water to us is self-evident, especially for our children. Because the children's body is in the development stage, especially newborn babies, the body resistance is weak, if the long-term drinking of substandard water, the children's health will be poor, and even cause the occurrence of various diseases in the body.

       Do you know the ratio? Water accounts for about 70 percent of the body's composition, and children make up 80 to 90 percent.Therefore, the baby relative to adults on the water quality requirements will be higher, because the children's body organs are still in the development stage, digestion, absorption ability, resistance and adults are too different.

    Therefore, children should have the following 8 kinds of healthy drinking water:

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    1. It can quickly and effectively remove acidic metabolites and various harmful substances in the body.

    2. Strong solubility and permeability of water molecules.

    3. No physical, chemical or biological pollution affecting the health of the baby.

    4. Soft water quality, good thermal and electrical conductivity.

    Water contains dissolved oxygen.

    6 completely sterile, no need to boil, can be drunk directly.

    7. Mild taste, suitable for baby taste.

    8. Contain appropriate amount of minerals which are beneficial to baby's health and easy to absorb.

    reverse osmosis filtration

       But if the above eight conditions are to be met, only water filtered by a household ro purifier  can be achieved. Therefore, the importance of ro purifier has drawn more and more attention from people. For parents, the food safety of their babies is one of the most worrying problems.

       You may not know this thing, tap water boil, can only kill bacteria and other microorganisms, and the water rust, sediment, odor and heavy metal ions and other pollutants will still exist, and the remaining chlorine in the boiling water process, will also produce a carcinogen called trichloromethane.If drink, the toxin in water can enter human body along with food, can have a part to accumulate inside body, cause all sorts of disease. So the ro purifier is the immunity of children, everyone should use the ro purifier, so that our children can drink healthy drinking water.

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