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Why not worry about drinking water when you are outside ?

Published by admin July 31,2020

 How long can people last without eating? Generally, they can live for seven days. How long can you live without water at all? Usually three days at most. It can be seen that water plays an irreplaceable role in our life. There is a saying that water is the source of life. Usually we drink water at any time, when we are at home we can drink water, if there are without water in the outside, we can also buy mineral water in the supermarket. But what should we do if we need water in the wild? Like hiking, sketching or exploration, water will be very limited, after all, water is very heavy. How wonderful it would be if we could drink water anytime and anywhere in the wild ! But is it possible? After all, the water in the wild is very unsanitary, which is a great hidden danger to our body. Especially the environment is so bad, drinking wild water really can not be guaranteed in our lives !

However, all of this would not be a problem with best hiking water filter . The best hiking water filter is made of UF Filter and Heavy Metals & Bacteria Reduction Filter. UF Filter has the function of reduce 99.9999% of water borne bacteria, and remove all the particles with the size of 0.01 micron or over. While the filter made by NSF certified natural coconut shell activated carbon, can remove over 90% heavy metals, remove over 97% bacteria, remove  99%  Chlorine, reduce cysts, spores, algae, organics, colloid, color, odor, particles. The best hiking water filter also has a series of accessories, drinking water bag, air ball, and 60 inch silicon tube.

best backpacking water filter

 So what harm do the human body of these substances removed by the filter ? The harm of heavy metals to human body is common : Vanadium: heart and lung injury, leading to abnormal cholesterol metabolism. Mercury: natural water contains 0.01 milligram per liter, will be strongly toxic. Cadmium: lead to hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Lead: lead is one of the more toxic forms of heavy metal pollution, but it's hard to get rid of it when it gets into the body. Direct damage to human brain cells, especially the fetus, can cause mental retardation. The harm of chlorine: when poisoning, patients will appear dizziness, headache, nausea, chest tightness, lethargy, coma, death.

It can be seen that these substances will do great harm to our body if they are drunk into our body. So going on a  field trip, we bring best hiking water filter, the best hiking water filter not only brings convenience to our  lives, but also provides  a  guarantee security!

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