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Why is it necessary?

Published by admin July 13,2020

What does that mean? Note: you can't avoid or avoid it. From the way things are going, something must be done. So why is it necessary to have a water treatment systems ?

home water treatment

This is caused by the current water environment in our country.

At present, the situation of water around us is as follows: 1. Particle impurities: due to the aging, maintenance and overload of water supply, the urban water supply pipe network, the inevitable presence of sediment, rust and other particle impurities.

2. Heterochromic odor: chlorinated disinfectants, pesticides and fertilizers, and organic pollutants used in tap water treatment

3. Scale: scale is the product of crystalline deposition of calcium and magnesium ions in water

Bacteria: the bacteria that live in tap water are mainly e. coli and legionella .

It can be seen that both the water we drink and the water we use are not optimistic. We should take seriously not only the water we drink, but also the water we use. According to healthy water, the body's overall burden of volatile chemicals (such as residual chlorine) can be roughly divided into: one-third ingested through the mouth and two-thirds ingested through the skin and respiratory tract during washing or bathing (the same harmful substances left on clothes after laundry are absorbed by the skin).So for our health, the whole house of clean water is very necessary.

Once there was an end user feedback: the water in the house after the purification of the water purification system, no longer boil water to drink, make tea, make coffee can ensure the original taste; Do soup cooking, the taste is more sweet; Ice, also than before the production of more crystal clear, no smell; Do not need to wait for a person to deliver water in common life, avoided the secondary pollution of barrelled water. From the user's feedback, water treatment systems does bring a lot of benefits to our lives, so there is no need to install the whole house water purification, the answer is obviously self-evident.

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