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Why is it harmful to use a water purifier incorrectly?

Published by admin July 13,2020

According to the world health organization (who), there are more than 50 kinds of diseases caused by drinking poor water quality, and 80% of human deaths are caused by environmental pollution and the retention of various harmful substances in the body. So more and more homes are equipped with water purifiers, if we say misuse of water purifiers is also harmful, can you believe it? There are a lot of   notices of using a water purifier. Do you know?

under-sink filter

Notices of using a water purifier include:1. Timely replacement of the filter: after the water purifier installed is not once and for all, but need to regularly clean or replace the internal filters. Because no matter what kind of material is used in the filter core, after a period of work will adsorb a lot of organic matter, easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria.In the life cycle of filters of water purifier, the standard of regular replacement should be strictly implemented. The replacement cycle of PP cotton filter is once every 3~6 months, activated carbon filter is once every 6~12 months, and RO membrane is 2~3 years.Therefore, the filter should be replaced regularly to clean and maintain the water purifier. 2.Avoid direct sunlight: no matter what kind of water processor, please pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, because sunlight will breed blue algae.3. Avoid heat source: if the water purifier is too close to the water heater, long-term baking will affect the life of the plastic parts.4. Proper cleaning water purification machine: the water filters are generally on a clean basin water purification machine, unscrew the filtering core of up and down with a new toothbrush brush clean gently in the water, then put a filter in the water after the shake up and down, the final rinse water purification machine, and can be installed according to the original appearance, about every other month or so, will be clean.

Of course, many conventional household water purifiers come with a bucket shaped can, officially called a pressure storage bucket, RO bucket or RO tank.Why does this thing exist?Since the household RO membrane element (RO membrane) is slower to make water, the water is prepared in advance and stored in the tank.This can not only ensure a large number of water demand, but also can avoid water purifier pump frequent work, can effectively extend the service life of water. With it, we do not need to frequently start the daily water purifier, the pure water mechanism out of the clean water storage, when the need to use the pressure of the pressure bucket water supply pressure to water, not only increase the amount of water, but also very good to solve the problem of drinking water when the daily life.

Correcting use of water purifier, can make the life of water purifier longer, but also can make people's life more healthy and better.


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