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Why don't you bring water for outdoor trips?

Published by admin November 26,2020

Along with the city people's life pressure is more and more big, especially office worker, work hard every day, back home to deal with all kinds of things, this time more and more people want to able to breathe the fresh air of nature, edify sentiment, exercise the body, but need to carry a lot of things in their bags are very heavy, especially with very important - water, but bottled water or heat preservation pot is very heavy, how to do this time? Don't worry, as long as the portable water filters, can be solved.

portable water filtration

Hear field filter core, can you feel a daze? But when you walk outside and feel thirsty, take out the filter and drink water on the ground, do you feel incredible? Don't be surprised, with our company new products-portable water filters,  you really don't need to bring water when you travel. But is this filter really so magical?

The portable water filters is composed of UF Filter and Heavy metals & Bacteria Reduction Filter. UF Filter, can reduce 99.9999% of water borne bacteria, also can remove all the particles with the size of 0.01 micron or over.  While Heavy Metals & Bacteria Reduction Filter, is made by NSF certified natural coconut shell activated carbon, remove over 90% heavy metals, remove over 97% bacteria, and remove 99% Chlorine. Portable water filters can reduce bacteria, Cysts & Spores, Algae, Organics, Colloid, Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Color, Odor, Particles, etc.

So we can travel and with what worry, as long as there is water, whether the stream, the stream, even a mud puddle, can bring out the portable water filters, end in the water, we can drink water directly to the other end, for our outdoor tourism ease the burden, also can let us rest assured in the outdoor water, make our outdoor travel more happy, more relaxed, more safely and more security!

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