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Wholesale Best Replacement Water Filter Cartridge at BESTPURE

  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    The water filter cartridge in water purifier belongs to consumables, need to be replaced in a regular time, BESTPURE provides best replacement water filter cartridge, Including refrigerator replacement water filter cartridge,RV replacement water filter cartridge, pool&spa replacement water filter cartridge, water pitcher replacement filter cartridge, auto-coffee machine replacement water filter cartridge, in-line replacement water filter cartridge, whole house replacement water filter cartridge, etc.

    After the water purifier has been in use for a period of time, when the water flow is obviously smaller, it means that the water filter cartridge is blocked, and the water filter cartridge should be cleaned to restore the normal flow,  if the flow is still very small after cleaning, it is necessary to replace the water filter cartridge; the taste of the water is decreased, the taste is close to that of the tap water, and the residual chlorine taste of the tap water cannot be removed, which also means that the water filter cartridge has been saturated and needs to be replaced. Generally speaking, the water filter cartridge has a replacement cycle, but the specific replacement time of the filter cartridge varies according to the water quality of the user's water source and the filtered water used.

    Best Replacement PP Water Filter Cartridge

    PP filter cartridge is often used as primary filtration of various domestic water purification equipment, mainly for pretreatment of tap water and protection of UF or RO membrane. The filter cartridge is easy to block and needs to be replaced frequently. The replacement cycle is generally 3 to 6 months.

    Best Replacement Activated Carbon Water Filter Cartridge

    The activated carbon filter cartridge can effectively remove the residual chlorine, peculiar smell and color in the water, and also can effectively absorb some organic macromolecules in the water, which can change the taste of the water. Generally, the replacement cycle is 3 to 6 months.

    Best Replacement Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge

    The purification principle of ceramic filter cartridge is similar to that of activated carbon, but it has better filtration effect and longer service life. Generally, the replacement cycle is half a year to one year.

    Best Replacement Ion Exchange Resin Water Filter Cartridge

    The ion exchange resin filter cartridge can carry out ion exchange with cations such as calcium and magnesium in water and anions such as sulfate, so as to realize hard water softening and deionization. Generally, the replacement cycle is half a year.

    Best Replacement RO Water Filter Cartridge

    The purified water from the reverse osmosis filter cartridge can be directly drunk, but because the pore diameter of the reverse osmosis membrane is very small, it is easy to be blocked by impurities and lose its function. In order to prolong the service life of the RO membrane, PP, activated carbon and other filtering pretreatment shall be carried out, and the RO membrane is generally placed in the fourth stage for use. Generally, the replacement cycle is one to two years.

    Best Replacement UF Water Filter Cartridge

    The service life of ultrafiltration membrane filter cartridge is long, the filtered water can be drunk raw, the water output is large, there is no need to power up and pressurize, the purification cost is low, and it can be repeatedly rinsed and recycled. Generally, the replacement cycle is 10-12 months.

    After mastering the functional characteristics and replacement cycle of different water filter cartridges, can better protect the filter cartridges of household water purifiers and extend the service life of water purifiers.

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