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Why say whole house water filter system brings a healthy life?

  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    With the continuous improvement of living standard, people pay more and more attention to healthy life, such as food, drinking water, using water and so on. But in the face of water pollution, how can we protect the health of the whole family?home water filtration

    In fact, tap water contains a lot of chlorine, which is very harmful to human health. For example, washing vegetables, fruits and grains with chlorine water will destroy nutrients such as vitamins and seriously affect the absorption of nutrients by the human body. Take a bath with water that contains chlorine. Thirty percent of the chlorine in the bathroom is absorbed by the skin.  When tap water is boiled, carcinogenic substances such as chloroform are produced in the water. If chlorine cannot be removed, the amount of carcinogenic substances in coffee, tea and soup that we drink every day will increase 3-4 times after being heated.

     The whole house water filter system came into being on this basis. whole house water filter system , in short, water is dual water supply. Water used in the family includes drinking water, cooking, washing fruits and vegetables, washing gargle, bathing, washing clothes and so on. According to different needs, different water quality is used. So with whole house water filter system, we can safely drink water from our homes. For example, we can drink water and cook with a water purifier. After the filter of PP, GAC,CTO and RO membrane, we can safely drink water. With the whole house water filter system , it can effectively inhibit a variety of harmful bacteria in the water, so washing fruits, vegetables is more assured, washing clothes is more clean; With a whole house water filter system , washing your face after the bath, skin will become smooth.

    Therefore, the whole house water filter system brings us healthy pure water, and a healthy life!


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