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What should we pay attention to traveling outdoors?

  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    Speaking of outdoor tourism, I believe we are not strange, tourism can edify sentiment, especially in modern city,people suffered from depression mood, are not a small number of people. Then often travel in famous mountains and rivers, in tourist attractions, it can make the city people's depression, irritability and other emotions to be alleviated. So, what should we pay attention to outdoor travel?

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    First, we should pay attention to safety. The nature of the world is mysterious and strange and changeable, so it may burst all kinds of circumstances. Therefore, when preparing for outdoor travel, it is best to bring an accurate compass and altitude table, as well as a map of the tourist area, with pen and paper, if possible, with GPS. Second, it's best to start with family, friends, etc., or a temporary group. After all, facing the wild , there are still a lot of danger, many people strength, to a certain extent is absolutely correct. In addition, before the outdoor travel,  we also should participate in some targeted physical and psychological training. Do a strict training plan, such as training swimming, cycling, long-distance running, etc., every day to practice push-ups, sit-ups, dumbbells, pull-ups, etc., if possible, you can go to the gym. Carrying on mental training, do training of the emergency measure in common danger circumstance. When we travel outdoors, we should pay special attention to fire safety. Walking through the jungle, in the desert, we need to keep warm, cook water and food, and prevent animals. Fire is indispensable. Travelling should be carry such as lighters, matches, sickle, so fire must pay attention to safety, do not cause fire. The other thing that's really, really important when you're traveling outdoors is food and water. We need to carry beef jerky, chocolate and other high-calorie foods, as well as vitamins. Of course, if you come across a village or hotel, you'd better take a rest and replenish your food. This is for food. What about drinking water? After all, drinking water in the wild is really inconvenient. We can't make sure that the water in the stream or creek we see is safe and sanitary.

    This is not a problem if you carry a backpacking water filter. Backpacking water filter can reduce 99.9999% of water borne bacteria, can remove all the particles with the size of 0.01 micron or over, remove over 90% heavy metals, remove over 97% bacteria, And also can remove 99% Chlorine. So in the wild field, with backpacking water filter, we can solve the water problem.

    Outdoor travel, can move muscles and bones, dredge qi and blood, recuperate the spirit, breathe fresh air, bathe in the sun, enjoy the quiet and comfortable brought by the green, so that the body and mind to achieve the best state. What are you waiting for? Join us!

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