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What should we pay attention to when swimming?

  • Published by admin July 10,2020

    spa filter cartridge


    The weather gradually gets warmer, friends that like swimming can add an outdoor sport again, especially children, like to swim in water . Many friends like swimming very much, but swimming also has some matters needing attention, do you know that?

    For example, before swimming, we should prepare earplugs, nose clips, swimming glasses, swimming clothes and pants, swimming caps, as well as floating objects or life jackets, life jackets and so on. Before swimming, we should warm up, and before entering the water, we must do warm-up exercise, adapt to the water temperature. Also don't swim before and after meals. Why? This is because swim on an empty stomach can affect appetite and digestive function, also can be dizziness, lack of power. While full belly swimming will also affect the digestive function, because water pressure will also appear vomiting, abdominal pain. Of course, do not eat immediately after swimming, rest a moment to eat, otherwise it will suddenly increase the burden of gastrointestinal. Still don't swim after drinking, after drinking the alcohol can paralytic your cerebrum, additional, alcohol can restrain liver normal physiology function, change and reserve of dextrose inside obstacle body, so it is possible produce an accident. Of course, after washing bath, besmear on the body protects skin to taste, next do gentle massage, to help nutrient is absorbed as soon as possible.

    Of course, if we pay attention to these swimming precautions, swimming will become a very good exercise for our body. But now most of water in swimming pool makes everybody uneasy, but if there is a spa filter cartridge, we don't have to worry about water, spa filter cartridge can be easily and efficiently captures dirt particles, great dirt holding capacity.Better filtration recovery; inhibits bacteria. Therefore,after installing spa filter cartridge,  our swimming will become very safe!

    With spa filter cartridge, our swimming will become more relaxed!



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