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What is the TDS value in the water purifier?

  • TDS value
  • Published by admin July 10,2020

       What is the value of TDS? The official explanation: the concentration of total soluble matter in water. That is Total Dissolved Solids. As long as we take a very common object a comparison, you will understand completely.

    5 stage reverse osmosis system

       It is called : thermometer. Thermometers are used by everyone. They are the easiest way for families and hospitals to detect fever. The same thermometer can only give you a number. 

    Tell you if you have a fever;Cannot tell us what reason causes a fever to come, still have how should treat, specific treatment is to need a doctor to judge and give corresponding treatment

    plan. And the same is true for TDS pens and TDS values. It's just a visual instrument for testing our water quality;We cannot judge the content of heavy metals and organic compounds in drinking water from this value.

        On the thermometer, the normal armpit temperature is 36-37 degrees, and the TDS value (PPM) regulation is: 0-9 for pure water;10-60 is mountain spring water, mineralized water;60-100 is the purified water;100-300 for tap water;More than 300 are polluted water.Through TDS pen, we can intuitively see whether People's Daily drinking water is within a reasonable range.

        Some people think that the TDS pen is deceptive, this statement is wrong, if we use the water purifier at the same time with the TDS pen, can better let us know at any time, what is our

    drinking water.

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