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What information you should know about coffee machine?

  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    The Avengers 4:end of the war is on the showing now,everyone is talking about it. 10 years waiting, 21 filmspreparation, complex relationships. It finally come to the end.As a coffee fan and coffee maker, sometimes people may don’t know it’s also important to clean coffee maker. Otherwise it may come to the end too.

    Filter cartridge is the core clean part of coffee maker. It plays a key role in keeping coffee maker healthy and clean. There are some Q&A of krups coffee maker water filter that readers canbetter understand about it.

    espresso machine filter

    1.What is krups coffee maker water filter ?

    Just like water filter cartridge, it is mainly used to filter water that used to boil coffee. Boiled coffee not need to filter again. It is helpful to remove impurities, calcium, magnesium etc. It also can help coffee maker clean and protect coffee maker.

    2.What the working principle of krups coffee maker water filter?

    It is a small device to purify water deeply according to the requirement of water. It can be divided into many kinds depending on the purification principle and materials.The main technology in krups coffee maker water filter is reverse osmosis technology such as nanofiltration, membrane,fine filter.

    3. What the function of krups coffee maker water filter ?

    There is no totally clean water. Natural water used to contain different kinds of impurities, such as Chlorine, sodium, sediment, pesticides. PP cotton in it can remove rust,pesticides, colloid and any impurities diameter bigger than 5 mm. Itcan adsorb unpleasant odor, color and chemical agents.

    espresso machine filter

    4. What the ingredient of krups coffee maker water filter?

    It mainly comprisedof resin and activated carbon. Resin can remove calcium, mineral substance and improve soften water quality effectively. Activated carbon can filter Chlorine, unpleasantodour. Attaining the waterquality to boil coffee.

    5. Do we need to change krups coffee maker water filter after using for a period of time ?

    Yes. Generally speakingit need to change after filter 50 liter water or have used for 2 month later. There are many kinds brand of it that replacement period may different. It’s important to change it to ensure the quality of coffee. 

    As Loki said:“your world in the balance ,and you bargain for one man.” As time goes by, everything has changed such as coffee maker. You don’t have to be perfect,you can be good. Don’t find any excuses for yourself. Krups coffee maker water filter can make coffee quality better. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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