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What are the characteristics of different types of coffee machines?

Published by admin July 13,2020

With more and more coffee coming into people's life, there are more and more ways to make coffee, and coffee machines are also various. So let me tell you about the types and characteristics of coffee machines.

espresso filter coffee machine

 1.Siphon coffee maker

Features: high technical, and more cumbersome procedures, suitable for coffee enthusiasts.

Coffee characteristics: coffee taste clean, pure, the original taste.

2. The filter pressure pot

Features: economical and practical

Coffee characteristics: light taste, coffee easy to turbidity.

3.Coffee strainer

Features: it is convenient to cook a large pot at a time, suitable for many people.

Coffee characteristics: taste light, too long heat preservation time, usually more than 30 minutes after the coffee will start to sour bitter.

4. The filter bowl

Characteristics: economy, brewing difficulty is very high, the need for considerable experience!

Coffee characteristics: coffee taste clean, pure, the original taste.

5. Mocha pot (recommended!)

Features: economical and beautiful, suitable for personal use.

Disadvantages: after cooking, the metal part is very hot, which is inconvenient to clean immediately. The pressure it generates is not enough, and the extraction is not enough.

6. Automatic Italian coffee maker

Features: expensive, but easy to operate, can be rushed out of the perfect coffee.

Coffee features: rich foam, mellow. Fully automatic.




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