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Water Resource in Africa: Matter About Health, Safety and the Future

Published by admin July 13,2020

UN report states that 14 countries in Africa are suffering from serious water shortage, and the same thing will happen in other 12 countries in Africa within 25 years. UNISCO statistics suggest that the water crisis in Africa kills about 6000 people every year, and about 300 million people live in poverty because of water shortage. Not only that, their agricultural production will continue to decrease due to the lack of water for irrigating crops, and the issue of water resources is also likely to be a source of contention or conflict among some African countries.

One third of Africans are currently short of drinking water, while nearly half of Africans suffer from drinking unclean water without using water filters. Many rural women and kids in sub Saharan Africa have to walk kilometers a day to find water. Because of this kind of physical labor, these women and children have no chance to receive education and work hard for their families and livelihoods.

To solve the water shortage of Africans, governments need to invest 20 billion dollars a year. At present, water investment in some African countries accounts for only 1% of the budget. The difficulty of water supply will bring great crisis to the economic development and life health of African people. Africans have to rack their brains to take various measures in the aspect of acquiring more domestic water for healthy life. Someone researched and developed water seer device, this device can extracting water from the air, which helps Africans to acquire clean water, and many more people start contacting with filtered water, using home water filter. It will greatly reduce the safety risks of drinking water and the probability of sewage infection.

The problem of water resources has become a great obstacle to the development of African countries, it's a matter of great importance. And it's high time for the government to improve national's water saving consciousness and promote water filters and water storage devices, only in this way can African people drink healthy and pure water.

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