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Let's learn about water purification from the micro world

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  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people began to pay attention to the health of water. The awareness of healthy drinking water is becoming stronger and stronger. Let's learn about water purification from the micro world and understand the importance of water filters.

    What is high quality water?

    High quality water does not contain bacteria, impurities, organic matters, heavy metals, which is pollution-free water that can purified by water filter. It is a small molecule group water, with strong permeability, good solubility and high oxygen content. Water contains a certain proportion of minerals and trace elements in ionic state, which are suitable for human absorption. Because pH value is weak alkaline, it has the function of neutralizing human acid.

    What are soft water and hard water?

    The hardness of water is a reflection of the content of calcium and magnesium ions. Measured by "degree", 1 degree = 18mg / L. The water below 8 degrees is soft water, the water above 8-25 degrees is hard water, and the water above 25 degrees is hard water. Hard water is not suitable for drinking or domestic use. Hard water can damage coffee machine, ice makers, boilers and clothes, etc. Using water filter can greatly reduce the hardness of water.

    What impurities do tap water contain?

    Generally speaking, tap water contains the following four substances: suspended matter, colloidal matter, dissolved matter and heavy metal. Suspended solids include colloid, sediment, algae, bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, etc.; colloid is a kind of substance with humus property, which can make water discolor; dissolved substances contain various kinds of salts; heavy metals are lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. as we say in chemistry. The easiest way to remove these substances is to use a water filter.

    Why do we need a water filter?

    Many people think that boiling tap water at 100 ℃ can kill bacteria and poison, right? But boiling water can't effectively reduce the chlorine that affects the taste of water. Moreover, boiling the water does not remove the sediment, rust, organic matter and heavy metals that may be contained in the water, nor can it significantly remove the residues of pesticides, pesticides, synthetic detergents and other harmful substances. If you want to drink clean and tasteless water at once, it is most convenient to use a water filter.

    There are many categories of water filters. If we want to choose the right products, we can start from the brand, cost performance and so on. "Let more people drink healthy and pure water" is the corporate mission that YUNDA water filter has been practicing. We believe that YUNDA water filter will produce more reliable products for consumers with more professional service.

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