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Don't Be Blinded By Cheap Water Filter!

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  • Published by admin July 10,2020

    Many cheap water filters without official certification are emerged in endlessly on the market, in fact, the water filter quality is not guaranteed, using inferior materials and turn out substandard goods, selling seconds at best quality prices. Take PP cotton and granular carbon for example, we all know that granular carbon has many different raw materials. The better one is imported coconut shell carbon, but many businesses will use coal carbon, or common fruit shell impurities mixed together, with large particles, poor adsorption capacity, few grams, low iodine value, unable to play the role of national standard purification, and even release harmful substances to human body.

    PP cotton and granular carbon are primary grade 1 and grade 2 water filter cartridge, poor water filter cartridge can not effectively isolate pollutants, the filter cartridge at the back will be polluted soon! The water filter with inferior water filter cartridge can not guarantee the safety of users, but adds a sewage device to itself, which forms secondary pollution to the filtered water. In this way, the service life is shortened and the use cost is increased, drinking for a long time could seriously affects the health of family members.

    How to avoid buying inferior water filter?

    1.Inspect the approval documents.

    The approval document is the premise to ensure the quality of a water filter. It is the foundation for water filter to enter the market. In order to avoid unscrupulous businesses, you'd better choose a regular shop first, and then check the approval documents of the water filter. Check whether the approval is within the validity period (the general validity period is 4 years), and whether the contents of the approval and its accessories are consistent with the actual water purification process and materials of the product.

    2.Check the materials.

    For the different materials and parts, the prices vary greatly, the plastic is all new or recycled materials? Whether activated carbon, coconut shell carbon, shell carbon or cheap coal carbon? Whether stainless steel is 316L, 304 or 302? The quality and performance of the material not only determine the quality and performance of the water purifier, but also determine the quality of the effluent water and the service life of the water purifier. Generally, materials will be reflected in the product manual.

    3.Look at manufacturing, assembly and appearance.

    The water filter produced by regular enterprises has beautiful appearance, rigorous assembly, bright color and smooth surface feel, while the products produced by small workshops have dark color and gray appearance, rough surface, corrosion, cracking, loose assembly and even water leakage.

    The obvious harm of poor quality water filter is that the water filter with poor quality transformer will cause circuit failure, resulting in family property loss; the water passing parts such as poor quality water pipe and small workshop filter bottle will often leak after half a year of use, soaking floors, cabinets, walls, etc; the poor material of the inner tank of the pressure tank of the unqualified small factory will lead to the explosion of the pressure tank and secondary pollution of the water quality. When choosing water filter, don't be greedy for low price. We must choose regular brand and excellent quality brand to avoid economic loss and dispute caused by wrong choice.

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