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Introduction of Water Filter Media in Filter Cartridge

Published by admin July 13,2020

Water filter media were widely used in water purification products, lots of water filter media which you can not imagine were filled in water filter cartridge, such as Antiscalent Ball, Ion Exchange Resin, etc. They have different functions.
People's stereotype of the water filter media may still stay in the degree of using filter paper and activated carbon to make water filter cartridge to achieve the purpose of water purification, and someone think that the effect of water purification may unsatisfactory. They have no idea about the benefits of the filtered water to the human body, and even worry that the water filter media may cause harm to the human body. If you have the above ideas, it is very necessary to understand the various water filter media used in the filter cartridge and feel their magical purification ability.

1.Antiscalent Ball: Harmless Polymerization Phosphate. It stops the scale and reduces hardness of water. And it can form a protection layer at the inner surface of the metal tubes to prevent corrosion when acting as water filter media.

2.Activated Carbon Fiber: Higher absorb-ability to organic and inorganic gas, also the organism, inorganic substances , fuel, heavy metal in water. The carbon Fiber has good resistance to acids and alkalis, and good conductance and chemical stability.

3.Ion Exchange Resin: Is a kind of water filter media that widely used in industrial water treatment; separation, extraction and absorption of precious metals; decoloration of sugar solution, refining of medicals; softening of hard water in thermoelectric plant.
4. Liquid Calcium Ball: Remove the residual chlorine. Adjust the water PH value. Anti-bacterial and absorb harmful metal ions.

5.KDF: High absorb-ability to Chlorine, heavy metal, sulphide; Inhibit the growth of bacteria. When being used with activated carbon, KDF can prolong the filtration life of the activate carbon. KDF can filter hot water.
6.Far-infrared Ray Ball: Emit Far-infrared Rays at normal temperature which promote the activity of water molecule and has the function of removing odor and inhibit bacteria.
7.Activated Carbon: Is the most commonly used water filter media in water filter cartridge. Good at removing Chlorine, unpleasant odor, color, microorganisms and pesticide.
8.Weak Alkaline Ion Ball: Activate and anti-bacteria. Neutralize human body's acidity.
9.Energy Ball: A kind of water filter media that can activate and anti-bacteria.

Through the introduction of several water filter media, it is not difficult to find that they can not only filter out the harmful substances in the water, but also generate substances beneficial to the human body with health care, beauty, life extension and other functions, which is an effective barrier to ensure our health and safety. 

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