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Water Filter Cartridge Replacement Method and Technique

Published by admin July 13,2020

The replacement steps of the water filter cartridge are as follows:

1.Close the water inlet ball valve on the tee, open the water filter tap to drain the residual water in the machine.

2. Hold the main water filter cartridge and rotate it horizontally (inwards) for about 90 degrees, and take out the water filter cartridge downward.

3. Open the package of the new filter cartridge, remove the cover of the filter nozzle, vertically align the head and insert it upward, rotate it horizontally (outwards) and fasten it left and right, and gently shake the main core to ensure install well, so as to prevent water leakage.

4. Open the water inlet ball valve, at this time, the clean faucet is not closed,water will flowed out after a few seconds and let it drain for 10 minutes.For activating the filter cartridge to ensure the filtering function and extend the service life; a small amount of activated carbon powder may be flushed out resulting in the dark color of water. 5.Observe whether the main core leaks water. After 10 minutes, close the clean faucet, and complete the installation.

A ring groove is arranged at the end face of the main opening of the water filter housing, and the sealing ring embedded in the ring groove has a unique sealing effect. The sealing ring is close to the inner wall of the upper cover, and plays a sealing role between the water filter housing and the end cover.The sealing ring can be embedded in the outer wall of the main body of the water filter housing before the assembly of the water filter housing and the upper cover, and because the sealing ring has certain elasticity, it can be tied in the ring groove, so the sealing ring will not be displaced, the assembly is very convenient, and the sealing performance is improved at the same time.

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