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Under Sink Kitchen Water Filter Buying Guide

  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    Illness finds its way in by the mouth. People are prone to get sick when drinking unhealthy water. Kitchen water is closely related to our health. Compared with other kitchen water filter, the feature of placing under the counter makes under sink kitchen water filter different, it can save a lot of space and not easy to get dirty. What kind of under sink kitchen water filter is good and suitable for consumer?

    Which kind of under sink kitchen water filter is good?-Filter water purifier.

    The filter water purifier has a simple structure, mainly composed of PP cotton and activated carbon. Its filtration capacity is limited, and it can only be used for coarse filtration. The filtered water is better to be heated and boiled for drinking. This kind of water filter is the most common to be seen, which can satisfy the users with low water requirements.

    Which kind of under sink kitchen water filter is good? - Ceramic water filter.

    The ceramic water filter adopts the plug-in ceramic filter cartridge, which has large water output and can meet the demand of kitchen water use. The double control membrane ceramic filter element with the highest accuracy of 0.2 micron has much smaller membrane pores than bacteria, so that bacteria are completely isolated outside the filter cartridge, water molecules could pass through, and minerals and microelements in the water can be retained. In the process of use, there will be no secondary pollution for it is the terminal water purification equipment.

    Which kind of under sink kitchen water filter is good?-PP sediment melt blown filter.

    The water filter with PP sediment melt blown cartridge is a kind of machine whose filtration effect is obviously higher than that of ordinary water cartridge.

    It controls the diameter of the thread by special technology, thus controlling the precision of the filter cartridge, and the interception efficiency is more than 98%. The gradient change of precision of filter cartridge is formed from inside to outside: the outer layer is coarse filtration to achieve better contaminant holding effect and reduce filtration resistance; the inner layer is fine filtration to intercept small impurities to ensure filtration precision. As a result, the filtration capacity is increased by 30% compared with other products that without gradient change.

    Which kind of under sink kitchen water filter is good? - multistage water filter system.

    The multistage water filter usually has two stages of coarse filtration and a group of fine filtration, and the fine filtration mostly adopts hollow fiber filter cartridge or activated carbon block-hollow fiber filter cartridge, and the filtered water can be drunk directly. This kind of filter is an ideal choose.

    Which kind of under sink kitchen water filter is good? - RO system.

    RO system is the most ideal type of water filter for kitchen. There are three stages of pre filtration, one stage of reverse osmosis membrane precision filtration and one stage of post filtration. The filtered water is pure without bacteria, virus, heavy metal, pesticide, organic matter, mineral and heterochromatic odor, and can be drunk without heating.

    The above introduces several common under sink kitchen water filters, each of which has its own advantages. When users select and use them, they also need to pay attention to the water quality of their own area. Only those that can improve their own water quality, and the price is also suitable for their own economic situation, such a under sink kitchen water filter is the most ideal one.

    YUNDA water filter focuses on the water filtration safety of each family, and there is always a under sink water filter will meet your needs.

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