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Three High-Precision Water Filter Cartridges

Published by admin July 13,2020

1. Nanofiltration Water Filter Cartridge Membrane
Nanofiltration water filter cartridge membrane is a functional semi-permeable membrane that allows the penetration of solvent molecules or certain low molecular weight solutes or low-valent ions. It is a special and promising type of separation membrane. It is named for its ability to trap substances of about nanometers. Its molecular weight for trapping organic substances is about 150-500. The ability to trap soluble salts is 2- Between 98%, the desalination of the monovalent anion salt solution is lower than that of the high-valent anion salt solution. It is used to remove organic matter and color of surface water, remove the hardness of groundwater, partially remove soluble salts, concentrate fruit juice, and separate useful substances in medicines.
2. Empty Fiber Ultrafiltration Water Filter Cartridge Membrane
Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is a kind of ultrafiltration water filter cartridge membrane. It is a mature and advanced technology in ultrafiltration technology. Hollow fiber outer diameter: 0.5-2.0mm, inner diameter: 0.3-1.4mm, the hollow fiber tube wall is covered with micropores, the pore size is expressed by the molecular weight of the substance that can be trapped, and the molecular weight cutoff can reach thousands to hundreds of thousands. Raw water pressurized flow outside the hollow fiber or the inner cavity, respectively constitute the external pressure type and internal pressure type. Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtration process. The trapped substances can be removed with concentration, without blocking the membrane surface, and can be continuously operated for a long time. Ultrafiltration water filter cartridge membrane is one of the early developed polymer separation membranes.
3. RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Cartridge Membrane

Three High-Precision Water Filter Cartridges

RO reverse osmosis water filter cartridge membrane, RO is the abbreviation of English Reverse Osmosis water filter cartridge membrane, Chinese meaning is: reverse osmosis (reverse osmosis), the general water flow is from low concentration to high concentration, once the water is pressurized, it will flow from high concentration to low concentration , The so-called reverse osmosis principle: Because the pore size of the RO water filter cartridge membrane is 5 parts per million (0.0001 micrometers) of the hair strand, it is generally invisible to the naked eye, and bacteria and viruses are 5000 times larger than it. Therefore, only water molecules and parts The mineral ions beneficial to the human body can pass through. Other impurities and heavy metals are discharged from the waste water pipe. All seawater desalination processes and astronaut waste water recovery and treatment adopt this method. Therefore, RO membranes are also called high-tech artificial kidneys in vitro.

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