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The kettle is comparable to the RO machine, Why say that ?

Published by admin July 13,2020

Have you ever heard of carbon water filter pitcher ?I believe some people will feel at a loss, but if there is no RO machine installed in the home, we take the water from the tap and drink it directly, don't you think it is a little strange? That's right because the kettle has a filter in it.

types of water filters

Hear of  carbon water filter pitcher can replace RO machine, are you feel very magical? This is determined by the inner structure of the carbon water filter pitcher, which is composed of NSF certified natural coconut shell activated carbon and food grade non-sodium positive resin. Activated carbon can remove Chlorine, color, odor, Voc, THM's, and resin can reudce lime scales, sofetn waterm at the same time it does not bring in Na+ which is not good to health.

There are four main carbon water filter pitchers developed by our company. Like JFC001,like JFC001A, like  JFC002A, like JFC002B. Carbon water filter pitchers, operating temp is 34-100℉, flow rate is 0.13GPM, filtration life is 4 weeks , that's about 40 gallons, of course it depends on water quality and level of contaminants. Some people say, how does carbon water filter pitcher work ?  Look at this picture,

water jug filter

we can see that, the first step, special designed top cover, collect water and lead water into the tank, then high mesh filter netting can remove big impurities, and two tank design can stop small carbon particles coming out into the purified water, the fourth step is high quality non-sodium resin has strong ability to remove scale and dose not bring salts into water. Then the last step the activated carbon can remove chlorine, then the filter finishes filter water.

So through a series of filters in the kettle, the water we drink is healthy and pure water. However, some people wonder why carbon water filter pitcher should be designed like this ? This because unique structure can stop carbon fines coming out, to insure water 100% flows through the filter cartridges, no leakage.

With all this, we will not worry about drinking water directly from the kettle? Carbon water filter pitcher will bring guarantee to our healthy life.

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