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Do You Know the Reasons of Spa Filter Replacement?

Published by admin July 13,2020

In hot summer, many people want to stay in the swimming pool. But the swimming pool also needs maintenance and sterilization, and the pool&spa filter has made a great contribution to the sterilization of the pool.The periodic replacement of the spa filter is also important. Here are some reasons why the spa filter replacement is needed.

spa filter replacement

1.First reason of regular spa filter replacement that is reduce the growth of bacteria, eliminate the accumulated impurities, completely eliminate microbial damage to the human body, and maintain the healthy and clean water quality.

2. Reduce skin swelling caused by water quality is the second reason.

The water in the swimming pool may contain residual chlorine, which is also the cause of skin swelling. Because of long-term use, the function of absorbing chlorine will be weakened. Spa filter replacement can re-improve the ability of adsorbing chlorine, which can also reduce the phenomenon of skin swelling caused by chlorine absorption.

3. Third reason of spa filter replacement is the basic flushing filter cartridge does not work. Many people find that when the water quality of the swimming pool is in trouble, most of them will wash the filter cartridge, but the water quality of the swimming pool has not changed after washing, so it is time for the filter element to be replaced.

4.Fourth reason to replace spa filter is the latest filters tend to be upgraded to a much higher level than the previous ones. They can not only remove impurities in water, but also chlorine, the filter made by density combined micro membrane cloth, the filtration efficiency is higher than 95% that have large filtration area and dirt capacity, at the same time the filter has great flow and long service life.

spa filter replacement

The reason for spa filter replacement summarized above is only part of it. For most people, the change of filter cartridge is also to make the swimming pool cleaner and leave a unforgettable memory in the cool swimming pool this summer.

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