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Do You Know How Is Singapore Water Treatment?

Published by admin July 13,2020

As a city island country, Singapore has no hinterland and lacks natural resources, especially the serious shortage of water resources. In order to avoid the water supply crisis, the Singapore government has adhered to the principle of open source and throttling to improve Singapore water treatment, and developed a unique "four major hoses" plan:
1. Import water through other channels;
2. Construct a reservoir and store rainwater;
3. The new water project;
4. Desalination of sea water.

 Singapore water treatment

Every drop of water is new water
If someone asks you, a bottle of water that looks indistinguishable from other drinking waters is purified water from the gutters of your home. Do you dare to drink?
“These new waters are mainly for everyone to try the quality of new water. Our new water is mainly used for industrial users, and these industrial waters are sometimes cleaner than drinking water.” Introduced by the Singapore Public Utilities Water Authority Say.
The NEWater Waterworks in Singapore is an Asian model in the field of reclaimed water engineering. The NEWater project meets 30% of Singapore's water needs. By 2060, Singapore plans to meet the 55% water demand in the NEWater project.
a reservoir built in the middle of the city
The Marina Reservoir is a reservoir located in the heart of the city. There are very few such mechanisms in other countries. The land that has been basically built in Singapore and the land that has been developed are all water sources. Singapore has too little land and there is no condition to concentrate water sources in forested areas or areas that are not developed.
The completion of the coastal dam has realized Singapore’s fifteenth reservoir, the coastal reservoir. At present, half of Singapore's land is already a catchment area.

 Singapore water treatment

The system behind innovation
The Public Utilities Board of Singapore (PUB) operates as a private enterprise and is responsible for managing national water related work, including water supply, post-water treatment, and seawater management. It is a unified water management agency by integrating the Sewage Department and the Marine Department under the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Department of Environmental Development.
The cost ratio of conventional rainwater collection water, fresh water, and desalinated seawater is approximately 1:2:4. Because of the high cost of pipe network laying, new water is mainly used for centralized supply, mainly providing electronic industrial zones, chemical industrial zones and pharmaceutical industries for Singapore water treatment.
Relevant personnel said, "We focus on solutions more than very academic research, and hope to share with the international community, such as the city's experience in collecting rainwater and freshwater results.

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