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Shower Water Filter For Beauty And Health

Published by admin July 13,2020

If you filter drinking water to avoid potentially harmful chemicals, it's not a big leap to consider using a shower water filter. According to Dr Olga naidenko, senior scientific adviser of the Environmental Working Group (EWG), chlorine is a by-product of water disinfection, which is common in municipal water supply, as well as dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including trichloroethylene, which causes cancer. These chemicals don't have to be ingested to cause health problems, she said, because studies have shown that in indoor swimming pools with high levels of chlorine, lifeguards and regular swimmers experience problems such as worsening asthma symptoms.

There are also aesthetic reasons for using a shower water filter. Philip Kingsley, a hair specialist at the clinic, Annabel Kingsley, a hair and scalp expert, said: "many people have noticed that when shampoo with hard water, hair will be dry and easier to curl, and will not produce too much foam." Hard water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which can dry hair and skin. Water softeners and filters can remove these elements to relieve problems such as dry skin or dandruff. Shower water filter users find that their hair and skin are softer, their hair color lasts longer, and they can better maintain their luster.

When selecting shower water filters, it is recommended that you search your zip code in EWG's tap water database first to see what substances are found in the water supply in your area, and then look for filters that are certified to remove or reduce these specific pollutants. According to our experts, filters generally have two design styles: one is all-in-one models with a filter built in to a showerhead, and the other is the "built-in filter" installed between the shower arm (water supply pipe) and the shower head. Inline models typically have a common adapter, so you should be able to easily connect everything. Although most of them are inline filters, there are some integrated options, depending on your preference.

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