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RO Water Filter VS UF Water Filter

Published by admin July 31,2020

We often hear about RO water filter and UF water filter in water purification industry, what's the distinguish between them? Which one can meet your personal demand better?

In general, their water filter efficiency is far higher than other kinds of water filtration products, and more in line with people's expectations for water filtration effect. There are different opinions on the selection of two water purification devices. You can choose the right product through the following comparison.

1.Structural differences

The RO water filter is to separate water and concentrated water under certain pressure which can only be used by connecting the power supply, and it needs a pressure tank for water storage and drainage; The UF water filter is completely regulated by water pressure, so it does not need to be connected to the power supply.

2.Filtration effect

In fact, the structure of RO water filter and UF water filter is basically similar. The first 3 grades of them are equipped with PP cotton, GAC and CTO, and the final gap lies in the filtration performance of UF membrane and RO membrane. Generally speaking, the filtration accuracy of the UF water filter is about 0.01-0.1 μ m, while the filtration accuracy of the RO membrane can reach 0.0001 μ m, which is similar to the comparison of the sieve with the pore size, and the sieve with the smaller pore distance has higher filtration accuracy.

As far as the filtration effect is concerned, the UF water filter can remove rust, sediment, bacteria, virus, residual chlorine, heterochromatic odor and heavy metal substances in the water, while the RO water filter can further filter out the beneficial and harmful metal ions in the water, but the calcium and magnesium ions needed by the human body will also be discharged along with the waste water. The output of RO water filter is almost pure water, but don't worry, post filter of it can provide minerals for human body.

3.Water yield

If there is no pressure, RO water filter will not even produce pure water for you. Its fine filtration structure will greatly reduce the flow rate of water.

For UF water filter, there is no need to worry about the flow. Their water output is about 1.5L/min. In addition, there are some large flow RO   with a flow rate of more than 400gpd on the market. The flow rate is about 1.2L/min. If the water consumption is large, you should pay attention to the key value of water output flow.

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