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With the Resin Filter Cartridge, No Longer Affected by Hard Water in Daily Life

Published by admin July 31,2020

Does hard water bother you in every aspect of your daily life? Bestpure resin filter cartridge can help you solve the following problems.

The harm of hard water is reflected in many aspects, for example:

1.The hard water is turbid and has smell. Drinking taste is poor, can not drink directly, can only drink only after boiling.

2.Making tea with hard water will change the color, fragrance and taste of tea and greatly weaken its drinking quality.

3.The water is easy to produce white precipitated scale. If scale adheres to the heating vessel or heater, it will prolong the heating time and waste energy.

4.Hard water will react with soap to produce insoluble precipitate, reduce washing effect and waste more detergent.

5.In industry, the deposition of calcium salt and magnesium salt will cause boiler scale, hinder heat conduction and even cause boiler explosion. Due to the hard water problem, the maintenance and replacement of equipment and pipelines cost tens of millions of yuan every year in the industry.

6.Drinking hard water will also have a certain impact on human health and daily life. Cooking fish and vegetables with hard water will damage or reduce the nutritional value of the food because it is not easy to cook, and the cooking time will be prolonged.

7.When the hard water is heated, it will precipitate calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Because the calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate are not soluble in water, the mirror surface will be full of water stains, the cotton clothes or towels will be stiff, and the color will be dark after washing for many times.

8.The skin is dry, rough and itchy after bathing with hard water; the hair is dry and knotted, which is not easy to comb, so only special shampoo can be used.

With Bestpure resin filter cartridge, the above problems can be completely solved. The working principle of the resin filter cartridge is to replace the calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water through ion exchange. And the resin filter cartridge can be regenerated by diluent of sodium chloride and water. In addition to reducing the hardness of hard water, the resin filter cartridge also has a good function of adsorbing organic matters; can make the filtering liquid decolour, clear and transparent; can filter particles and impurities; it has a good effect of deodorization; can remove residual chlorine in water.

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