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The Relationship Between Drinking Water and Kidney Stone

Published by admin July 13,2020

There are a lot of magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate in the tap water scale. Drinking it for a long time whether cause kidney stones?

Generally speaking, the gastric juice is strongly acidic. Even if the ingested water contains scale, it will become ionic after the decomposition of gastric acid, and will not form stones. After the drinking of qualified tap water in normal way, it will not increase the burden on the kidney, so the water with scale has little to do with kidney stones.

The causes of kidney stones are as follows (but not all):

1.Excessive protein intake.

2.Excessive intake of high-fat food.

3.excess of oxalic acid in the body.

4.Lack of crystal inhibitors in urine.

5.Excessive consumption of animal offal and seafood.

6.Eat too much sugar.

Drinking more water helps prevent kidney stones.

Although drinking water can help prevent kidney stones has been recognized by the scientific community, but scientific drinking water can not only help prevent kidney stones, but also help people's health.

The best choice is boiled water purified by water filter. Drinking more sugary drinks will increase kidney burden, so it's not advisable to drink strong tea, juice and coffee frequently. Water in the diet is also an important source, try to eat more vegetables and fruits. For a normal adult, taking 2000-3000 ML of water a day can help prevent kidney stones, you can refer to urine color for proper increase or decrease, the normal color is light yellow,  the dark color shows you didn't drink enough water.

Kidney plays the role of "body filter", the impurities and wastes mixed in the blood discharged from urethra by the filtration of kidneys, but some impurities can not be eliminated, and stones will form over time. The purpose of drinking more water is to increase the volume of urine, which is helpful for the elimination of stones.

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