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Put Everything in the Refrigerator? It's Really Smelly

Published by admin July 13,2020

Usually, the food we buy will be put into the refrigerator to keep fresh, especially in summer, people are more inclined to drink cold drinks, eat ice cream and cool fruits to relieve the summer heat, and the temperature is high in summer, putting the food into the refrigerator can effectively extend the shelf life of the food.

Everyone thinks that the refrigerator is a "safe" for food, put leftover food, raw meat, fruit, milk, eggs, tea and so on in it without thinking. When you put them all in the refrigerator, you will feel that everything is going well. Do you find that the taste in the refrigerator is getting worse?

In fact, the refrigerator is not a"safe" for food, but a hotbed for bacterial growth. Because the temperature of preservation is very suitable for the growth of certain bacteria, such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Listeria, etc., the rich food in the refrigerator has also become a bacterial culture dish.

When we open the refrigerator, bad smell comes out of the refrigerator. Part of the smell is produced by mixing the taste of various foods, and the other part is the smell of bacteria invading the food, which leads to food deterioration.

How to solve the problem of refrigerator smells bad?

1. Food should be placed carefully. When the food is put into the refrigerator, follow the principle of "separate the raw and cooked food, and keep it by category". It's better to seal them with plastic wrap, or put them into sealed fresh-keeping bags, try to reduce contact with air, and avoid food mildew or bacterial cross infection. In the fresh-keeping layer, cooked food should be put on top and raw food on the bottom. Like milk powder, coffee powder and tea should not be put in the refrigerator as much as possible, because they will absorb the air and water in the refrigerator, resulting in bad taste and easy deterioration.

2. Clean the refrigerator regularly. Regular cleaning of the refrigerator can effectively remove the peculiar smell in the refrigerator. When cleaning, remember to cut off the power supply, take out the food in the refrigerator, throw away the expired food that has not been handled in the corner in time, and replace the food preservation film; wipe the interior of the refrigerator; or put some orange peel or grapefruit peel in the refrigerator, which can effectively remove the peculiar smell.

3. Install refrigerator air filter. The main filter material of the air filter is activated carbon, which helps to absorb the bad smell in the refrigerator, catch the particles and inhibit the bacterial reproduction. The multi-layer filter design has a superior absorption effect and can filter a large range of impurities of different particle sizes. The filters are over 15-30 times more powerful than baking soda and has excellent absorption capacity to smoke, unpleasant smell.

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