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Refrigerator Air Filter: What Is It? When Will It Be Replaced?

Published by admin July 13,2020

If your refrigerator has an ice maker or a water cooler, it's easy to understand why it needs a water filter, but you may be surprised to find that your refrigerator may also have an air filter. This article explains everything you need to know about the refrigerator air filter, which is an important part of many refrigerators!

What is a refrigerator air filter?

The refrigerator is essentially a closed box. If something inside starts to go bad, the smell will soon permeate the entire compartment. A box of baking soda can act as an air purifier, but its deodorization function often does not extend far from the box. Because it is located in the air passage and circulates the entire compartment, refrigerator air filter is more effective in reducing odor and helping to keep food crispy and fresh. "Refrigerator air filter are more effective than baking soda," says Babcock, a Minnesota certified electrical maintenance expert. "I heard the air filter can reduce the smell eight times than a box of baking soda. That's probably why I've come across more and more refrigerator models that have them. "

Does my refrigerator have a filter?

Not all refrigerators have air filters, but if you do, it's easy to find out. The filter is usually located inside the louver window Housing, which can be flat or cylindrical. If the filter is flat, you can see the lugs protruding from the housing. Newer French door, side-by-side and single door refrigerator models are most likely to be equipped with air filters. Although you may need to refer to the user's manual to determine which filter to use in the refrigerator, it is not difficult to choose - the only important consideration is that the refrigerator air filter should be installed in the enclosure that is built for it.

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