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PP and Nylon Sediment Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

Published by admin July 31,2020

When we talk about water filter cartridge, RO membrane is considered to be the best cartridge with strong filter effect, and the primary filter cartridge is looked down upon. Here is the introduction of melt blown filter cartridge in primary filter cartridge, it does the dirtiest and most tiring work to protect the grade II, III and IV filter cartridges like guard troops, determining their service life directly.

PP sediment melt blown filter cartridge uses 100% food grade PP as material, the filter cartridge contains no additives or binders. It can control the diameter of PP fiber through special production technology, thus control the micron rate of filter cartridge. The surface layer of the filter cartridge is designed to be low density to assure the high dirty-holding capability, while the inner layer is higher density to keep the accurate filtration ability to small particle. The density type has 30% higher filtration effect than the general type. Its softening point is120℃.

Nylon melt blown filter cartridge uses Nylon as original material, having high resistance to acids, alkalis and high temperature. The micron rate is controlled by adjusting the diameter of the Nylon fiber. Its softening point is180℃.


In the deep layer of the whole melt blown filter cartridge, the real effect of capturing particles by density classification is realized, so that the effectiveness of the filter cartridge can be brought into full play; higher dirt retention capacity means long service life, low replacement frequency and cost saving; the surface density of the melt blown filter cartridge is low, and the density gradually increases from the surface to the center of the filter cartridge; there is no effect that will reduce the flow rate of the filter cartridge and increase the replacement frequency of surface blind spot.

Then how to judge the quality of melt blown filter cartridge?

First: Test the weight. We can weigh it by hand. The heavier the weight, the higher the fiber density of the filter cartridge has, he better the quality is.

Second: look at the material. The normal melt blown filter cartridge materials are all food grade materials with uniform color and smooth surface. The inferior melt blown filter cartridge is dark yellow, poor in texture and rough.

Third: look at density. Generally, the higher the fiber density of filter cartridge, the better the filtration performance. The simple method can be judged by hand feeling: the stronger the hand feeling is, the better the filtration performance is. The poor surface is rough. If you pinch the filter cartridge mouth by hand, there will be fault.

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