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How to drink healthy and safe water in the wild?

Published by admin July 31,2020

When you're in the wild, you need a portable water filter to drink healthy water. Drinking water has always been a problem we struggle to solve when we travel and do short-term outdoor sports. Carrying large quantities of water will undoubtedly add weight to people's backpacks, and wild water is also abandoned because of water quality problems. Instead of getting yourself into trouble, try a portable water filter

portable water filter

Portable water filter is characterized by powerful function and easy to carry. It allows you to enjoy the general health and safety protection of water purifiers at any time and anywhere. Solving your outdoor water drinking problem effectively.

What is the portable water filter made of? In fact, it is a portable outdoor drinking water filter made by NSF certified natural coconut shell activated carbon. UF hollow fiber membrane contained in it can separate and stop bacteria well. Of course, it can also remove Cysts & spores, organics, algae, colloid, particles etc.

The filtration precision of portable water filter is 0.01 um, which can block many impurities Generally speaking, the diameter of human hair is about 60 microns; the diameter of a micropore in a portable filter is only 1/6000 of human hair. The company that produces portable water filter is the top water filter manufacturer in China. Authentication permission is available on the official website. You are welcome to check it at any time.

Water accounts for 60%~70% of human body weight. Absorption, transportation and excretion of various substances is inseparable from the role of water. Water is so important that we need to ensure the safety of every drop of water in mouth. Portable water filter concentrates on solving the problem of drinking water outdoors and making you healthier in outdoor sports.

Put a portable water filter in your backpack and take it to your wild trip. Enjoying the beautiful scenery, breathing the fresh air, quoting the pure water. Letting your outdoor travel without regret.

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