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Do you know the harm of lampblack ?

Published by admin July 31,2020

      Oil fume is no stranger to all of us. When food is cooked at high temperature, a large number of "thermal oxidation decomposition products" will be produced, among which, the decomposition products are dispersed into the air in the form of smoke, forming oil fume.There are mainly aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, including benzopyrene, volatile nitrosamines, heterocyclic amines and other known carcinogens.

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     The person that smells lampblack everyday is easier than the person that does not smell lampblack heart cerebrovascular disease, because lampblack contains a lot of cholesterol to be able to cause disease of heart cerebrovascular disease.The adipose oxide in kitchen lampblack for a long time can cause cardiovascular, cerebrovascular disease, especially the elderly are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

      The leading causes of lung cancer in women are secondhand smoke and kitchen fumes.The risk of lung cancer and breast cancer increases 2-3 times in women aged 40-60 who have been exposed to lampblack for a long time, causing endless pain to their families.

       Our products- Cook hood filter, has high density non-woven cloth, can capture smoke, impurities and bad smell. The filters has activated carbon, which has large capacity for absorbing impurities, VOC, smoke and bad smell. Furthermore, the cook hood filter has natural material and processed by advanced activating technology and lock extra oil in the oil sponge, further increase the filter's service life. 


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