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Replacement Instruction of Water Filter Cartridges

Published by admin July 13,2020

If the water filter wants to achieve better water purification, the water filter cartridge is indispensable. At present, the types of water filter cartridges that can be used in water purifiers are very rich. The filter elements of different materials have different purification effects on water during use, and the service life of water filter elements is limited. Replace the water filter element in time. Do you know how often to replace the water filter element?

Replacement Instruction of Water Filter Cartridges

Water filter cartridge type
There are many types of water filter cartridges. Different types of filter elements have different purification effects when purifying water sources. Here we first look at the types of water filter cartridges.
Activated carbon water filter cartridge: There are two types of activated carbon filter cartridget, one is compressed activated carbon water filter element, and the other is granular activated carbon water filter cartridge. Compressed activated carbon filter core mainly uses high adsorption value coal activated carbon as the filter material, and then sintered and compressed with food-grade binder. This kind of activated carbon filter core is wrapped with non-woven fabric with filtering effect inside and outside to ensure that the carbon core will not fall down. At the same time, there are sealing pads at both ends of the carbon core, so that the carbon core has a good quality after being inserted into the filter cartridge 'S tightness.
PP water filter element: PP filter cartridge is mainly made of polypropylene ultrafine absorption pattern hot melt entanglement. Its filter accuracy range is 0.5-100μm. It can be equipped with different types of end cap connectors to meet various engineering installations. A need.
Ceramic water filter cartridge: The ceramic element mainly uses diatomite mud as the raw material, and is made by a special method. It is the most accurate filter element now. Ceramic water filter cartridges have a wide range of uses, and they are used in many brands of water purifier products.
RO reverse osmosis membrane filter cartridge: RO reverse osmosis membrane has a pore size of one millionth of the hair membrane. When purifying water, only water molecules and some mineral ions are beneficial to the human body. Can pass, and other impurities will be discharged. In the water filter element, RO reverse osmosis membrane is widely used, and its purification effect is also the best one among various filter elements.

Replacement Instruction of Water Filter Cartridges

Under normal circumstances, the replacement cycle of different water filter cartridges is different when they are used. For example, the ultrafiltration membrane water filter cartridge has a service life of 3 years. When the filter element is replaced, the filter element can be replaced based on this time. Due to the difference in water quality in various regions, when using a water purifier to filter the water quality, the length of time the filter cartridge is used will also change to a certain extent. When we use the water purifier, if we find that its production When the amount of water becomes smaller and the taste of the water after purification becomes worse, then this means that your water purifier filter element needs to be replaced.

How often does the water filter cartridge change
Different types of water filter cartridges have different replacement cycles because of the different materials used.
Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane: 3 years or more
Granular fine-washed coconut shell activated carbon filter cartridge: half a year to 1 year
Block sintered activated carbon filter: half a year to 1 year
KDF filter: 2-3 years
Ceramic filter: half a year to 1 year
Anion energy ball filter: half a year to 1 year
Rear activated carbon filter: about 1 year
Far infrared mineralized ball filter: about 1 year

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