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How to Buy Ideal Kitchen Water Filter System?

Published by admin July 13,2020

People's demand for kitchen water is higher, and eager to have a good kitchen water filter system, because it can help us drink cleaner water, so, many citizens are willing to buy the kitchen water filter system, but there are many kinds of similar products in the market, so we need to master some skills to buy them. Let's talk about the specific purchase method, seeing how to buy them.

No matter what we buy, everyone wants to buy an ideal and practical products, so we must consider the following aspects:

First, it must be a qualified kitchen water filter system.

When purchasing, you need to check the production license and certificate. Under the regulations of the relevant departments, the health of drinking water must be inspected and supervised strictly, and the health license can only be given after passing the verification. 

Second, after sales service should be considerate.

In the process of using the kitchen water filter system, there must be something the user doesn't understand, so when necessary, it needs to be solved by professionals. When buying household appliances, they need to guarantee the service no matter online or offline. And many parts of kitchen water filter system need to be replaced, if the service attitude is not good, then they won't help consumer in the later use process, which makes many consumers feel helpless. Therefore, we must choose the one with perfect service quality.

Third, the quality of kitchen water filter system must be good.

The cartridge of the water filter has gone through a lot of development history, and the effect of each generation is very different. Now the best is the latest generation filter cartridge, which can solve these disadvantages of the previous generations and the effect of filtering impurities in the water is very good. When you buy the kitchen water filter system, you must ask about the technology used for filtering, so that you can find a suitable product for yourself.

Fourth, whether the effect of bacteria elimination technology is good.

Generally, there are two ways to sterilize the kitchen water filter system. The first one is to add disinfectant in it, which can kill some bacteria, but it is a chemical component, which is harmful to people's health. The other one is physical elimination of bacteria, which is one of the most effective methods of bacteria elimination, and it is also very safe. It can quickly filter nearly all bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to choose physical sterilization when purchasing.

Fifth, buy the water filter according to your own conditions.

The more complete the function of the kitchen water filter system, the higher its price must be. This is because the structure of the water filter is different, so the effect of the water purifier is also different. Generally, the common water purifier is about 100-200 yuan, and the better water purifier is over 300 yuan, which can be purchased according to your own situation. 

Sixth, buy the products according to your own geographical location.

The water quality of each place is quiet different. In some areas, the hardness of the water is relatively high, so it is easy to have a lot of impurities in it. In this case, you must choose advanced filter cartridge of kitchen water filter system; In some cities, the water has some peculiar smell. You can choose a kitchen water filter system with high quality activated carbon to remove the peculiar smell of tap water. Activated carbon has adsorption on these peculiar smell. In areas with serious water pollution, RO system can be selected.

There are many tips for choosing kitchen water purifier. We need to master these tips to choose the kitchen water filter system that suits us.

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