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Is your swimming pool really safe?

  • Published by admin July 13,2020

            It is getting hotter and hotter, especially in summer. Many people like to jump into the swimming pool and have a good time. Is your swimming pool really safe?

    pool water filter

    Is swimming in an untidy pool harmful to our health? The answer is: of course. When swimming, eyes contact with water for a long time, it is easy to make the water bacteria, viruses and irritant substances into the eye, lead to the occurrence of eye diseases; The ears are submerged in water, and the water in the ear is not cleared in time, so results in damage and infection of the external auditory canal and middle ear, cause otitis media. People swallow pond water may also cause gastrointestinal diseases, such as diarrhea; The body is immersed in the pool water for a long time, and the bacteria in the water are easy to contact with the skin on the surface of the body, which may lead to skin diseases.Generally,have body tinea, tinea and tinea pedis three kinds.But with spa filters, we don't have to worry about that anymore.This is determined by the structure and characteristics of the spa filters.

    Structure of spa filters : 1. High impact end caps with anti-microbiological material,resist Chlorine degradation. 2. Strong inner core assures a high pressure to hold the and provides a great flow.  3. The big - size models include a center support for extra strength and durability. 4. TAIPENG innovative Trilobal fabric 50 micron rate

    What are the characteristics of the spa filters? Spa filters can: 1.Reduce most recognize substances in water such as sand, dust, hair, leaves, warms,sediments, particles,Etc. 2. High dirt - holding capacity. 3. The Large filtration area and great flow. 4. Easy cleaning and good for repeated use. Our company's filter is Trilobal the Trilobal type has much larger space to contain moreContaminants than common fabric. While the when cleaning, it is easy for Trilobal fabric to release the the contaminants out, so the fabric has longer service life.

    So, with the spa filters, we don't have to worry about bacteria, we don't have to worry about skin diseases. Spa filters takes care of our health!

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