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Is it safe to drink bottled and boiled water ?

Published by admin July 13,2020

     In our daily life, we often use bottled water and boiled water, but is the water we drink safe ? Do you know the secret inside?

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    Bottled water

    Do you know the shelf life of bottled water?Did not open the seal, can keep for a month to two months, but after unsealing at most 10 days, the research shows that at room temperature, the water in the water dispenser on the first day if the bacteria index is zero, to the seventh day will climb to 8000 bacteria per milliliter, than the bacteria in tap water content is 80 times higher!

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    Drink boiled water

     Alum, rust, residual chlorine, trihalomethane, heavy metal lead, mercury and bacterial viruses in tap water cannot be removed even by boiling. According to the WHO, 2,221 chemicals can be detected in the water around the world, of which 765 are harmful organic pollutants in drinking water.

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      Based on the harm of bottled water and boiled water to human body, water purifier has gradually become an important daily necessities for many families to ensure their health. After the filter element layer by layer filtration, the water quality purified by the purifier can be more gentle, but also can filter out impurities and precipitates in the water, so as to ensure that people can drink healthy and safe direct drinking water.

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