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How to Change the Air Filter of IG Refrigerator?

Published by admin July 13,2020

Refrigerator air filter can remove odor and fresh air flow inside the refrigerator very well. We all know that the service life of IG refrigerator air filter is limited, and the IG air filter should be replaced regularly, but most people don't know how to replace it. This article is to provide people with the main steps of lG air filter replacement.


Ig air filter replacement

The steps for changing the IG air filter are as follows:

1.The first step of lG air filter replacement is to find out where your refrigerator air filter is, so that you can complete the next steps. If you change the air filter for the first time, you will find it concentrated behind the refrigerator and placed on the top shelf.

2.The second part of changing the IG air filter is to remove the old refrigerator air filter.

Turn the cover of the refrigerator air filter of IG to the left so that the old one can be removed from the refrigerator wall. Discard the old air filter and prepare to install new IG air filter.

3. The third step in lG air filter replacement is to install a new air filter for refrigerators.

Place the new filter you purchased inside the lid, with the "front" side facing out. Put the IG air filter back in the refrigerator. Twist the lid of the air filter to the far right and place it back on the refrigerator wall.

4. The last step in the replacement is to reset the sensor of IG air filter.

After replacing the IG air filter, press the IG air filter button for three seconds to show the reboot.

Ig air filter replacement

When you finish the four steps above, the whole process of lG air filter replacement is over. Hope that through the introduction of the above article content, you better understand lG air filter replacement.

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