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How to Identify the Quality and Poor of Activated Carbon Water Filter Cartridge?

  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    In the filter cartridge of water purifier, the most common filter material is activated carbon, the most common three types are granular activated carbon water filter cartridge, compressed activated carbon water filter cartridge and post activated carbon water filter cartridge. Since activated carbon plays an important role in the water purification effect of water purifier, how can it be used to identify the authenticity in the mixed market of activated carbon water filter cartridges? Consumers not only need a pair of piercing eye, but also need to choose the right way! (the following methods are for reference only).

     Weight in the hand

    The more pores and complex structure, the stronger adsorption capacity and the better quality of activated carbon filter cartridge. But the naked eye can't identify it. At this time, we can identify it by weighting in the hand. The more pores, the lighter the weight of the activated carbon water filter cartridge (compared with the filter cartridge of the same size), so the quality of the advanced activated carbon filter cartridge is relatively lighter.

    Look at index

    We can see three indicators on the label of filter cartridge: iodine adsorption value, carbon tetrachloride adsorption value and methylene blue adsorption value. The higher the index, the stronger the adsorption capacity and the better the quality of the activated carbon.

     By combustion

    We can take a small amount of activated carbon from the filter screen and burn it on the fire.

    If it turns black ashes immediately, it is the real activated carbon. If it turns white and grey and is still very hot, it is made of charcoal or other materials.

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