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How to solve the harm of kitchen lampblack?

  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    In daily life, we are inseparable from three meals a day, of course, is more inseparable from the kitchen, in addition to delicious meals the kitchen , there is one thing, every family can not avoid, that is the kitchen lampblack.

    extractor fan filter

    Speak of kitchen lampblack, everybody is not strange. Kitchen lampblack is cooking lampblack and liquefied gas: "carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and other harmful gases" and so on. Lampblack contains about 300 kinds of harmful substances, such as DNP, including lung carcinogen "dinitrophenol, benzopyrene. In the long-term operation in the kitchen, people may cause cancer, breast cancer and other diseases. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that kitchen fume is equivalent to fog and haze, so our home is installed inside the range hood, so the problem is solved.

    But is it really solved? Little imagine, lampblack machine does not clean for a long time, have a lot of malpractice. For example, smoke exhaust effect is poor, smoke difficult, motor burn out and so on. Now we do not have to worry about this problem, extractor fan filter! Extractor fan filter can capture smoke, VOC, impurities and bad smell. Extractor fan filter is composed of high density non-woven cloth, high quality activated carbon. High density non-woven cloth can capture smoke, impurities and bad smell. High quality activated carbon, natural material and processed by the advanced activating technology. The activated carbon has large capacity for absorbing impurities, VOC, smoke and bad smell. Furthermore, innovative annular oil guide channel can lock extra oil in the oil sponge, further increase the filter's service life.

    With extractor fan filter, no longer afraid of kitchen smoke!

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