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How to Know Which Replacement Filter Cartridge You Need Part1

Published by admin November 26,2020

The clear, glittering pool is not magic. They are achieved through maintenance - and a good filter cartridge is one of the key components of a clean, attractive pool. Filters prevent dirt, debris, and particles from accumulating in the water. These particles will make the water cloud and settle at the bottom of the pool, but some of them will also promote the growth of algae or bacteria in the pool, especially organic debris such as leaves and other vegetation. Therefore, filtration can not only keep the water clear, but also keep the water healthy and chemical balance.

If you use a cartridge filter in your pool, you need to know some basic maintenance steps to keep the filter most efficient. In addition, the filter cartridge needs to be replaced occasionally. Here's what you need to know about keeping your filter in good shape.

Basic knowledge of cartridge filter

The working principle of the cartridge filter is to force the water in the pool to pass through a fine screen which can remove the particles in the water. Their surface area is often larger than similar sand filters, which can filter out smaller particles. Cartridge filters may have a higher initial price tag than other types of filters, but over time they compensate with simpler maintenance and lower energy costs because they operate at lower pump pressures.

Basic maintenance for better filtration

When too much debris accumulates in the cartridge filter, its efficiency will be reduced. However, just because the filter cartridge is dirty does not necessarily mean that it needs to be replaced. The cartridge can be removed, cleaned, and replaced, which is usually all that is required to restore normal filtration. To clean the cartridge, remove it from the filter housing and use the garden hose to wash away any debris. Wash the cartridge from top to bottom, and clean all debris between the folds. Be careful not to use too much water pressure as this will damage the folds. For additional cleaning, you can soak the cartridge overnight in the cartridge cleaning solution, or overnight in a solution of TSP (trisodium phosphate) to 16 parts of water. Flush the cartridge again before replacing it.

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