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How does eliminate kitchen "secondhand smoke" ?

Published by admin July 10,2020

Do you know the ingredients of kitchen fume? When food is cooked at high temperature, a large number of "thermal oxidation decomposition products" are produced, and the decomposition products are dispersed into the air in the form of smoke, forming oil smoke. Main contains aldehyde, ketone, alcohol, including benzopyrene, volatile nitrosamine, heterocyclic amine and other high carcinogens.

cooker hood charcoal filter

Kitchen lampblack damages respiratory tract and skin badly, the main component of lampblack is acrolein, can cause chronic pharyngitis, rhinitis, tracheitis to wait for respiratory tract disease. Lampblack is very big also to the harm of the skin, the person that smells lampblack everyday compares the person that did not smell lampblack to want to get disease of heart cerebrovascular easily, because lampblack contains a lot of cholesterol to be able to cause disease of heart cerebrovascular. The adipose oxide in kitchen lampblack for a long time can cause disease of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, especially old people suffer from disease of heart cerebrovascular more easily. Kitchen lampblack is the main factor that causes lung cancer more, because this kitchen lampblack is called again "secondhand smoke", so how do we eliminate?

The kitchen lampblack's Nemesis –  extractor carbon filter has come out. The extractor carbon filter is composed of three parts. high density non-woven cloth, high quality activated carbon and innovative annullar oil guide channel. The first one is high density non-woven cloth can capture smoke, impurities and bad smell. The second one is high quality activated carbon, the natural material and processed by advanced activating technology. The activated carbon has large capacity for absorbing impurties, VOC, smoke and bad smell. The third one is innovative annular oil guide channel, it can lock extra oil in the oil sponge, further increase the filter's service life.

electrolux cooker hood filter                                                        














There are also several types of the extractor carbon filter, which are compatible with different machine models. Like CHF001, the dimensions is 260.973mmX130.8953mm is compatible with AEG, Electrolux, Elica Type 10, Pelgrim ACC922.  CHF002, the dimensions is 21cm X 3cm is compatible with FAC539, REC20, AFC-62.  CHF003, The dimensions is 23cm X 4cm, is compatible with EFF57, C00383475. CHF004, the dimensions is 19cm X 4cm, is compatible with KF801, C00098875. CHF005, the dimensions is 22cm X 2.5cm, is compatible with DRZ94UC, Z5116X5. CHF006, the dimensions is 23cm X 2.4cm, is compatible with DHZ5325, LZ53251. CHF007, the dimensions is 18cm X 4cm, is compatible with Model 57,CFC0038668. CHF008, the dimensions is 17cm X 4cm, is compatible with CCA5, EVP61. CHF009, the dimensions is 17cm X 4cm, is compatible with DHZ5136, Z5117X1.

Take lampblack machine filter core can suit so much kind of the extractor carbon filter, can eliminate the lampblack of our kitchen thoroughly, why do you still hesitate, fix a order right now!

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