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How did the air in the refrigerator get better?

Published by admin July 13,2020

Every time open the refrigerator, the first is not to see a variety of mouth-watering food refrigerator, but smell all sorts of all sorts of food mixed together, make originally want to the inside of the refrigerator for tomorrow's all kinds of food are made of mood, suddenly become very bad, this is why, because the inside of the refrigerator air makes us pause.But now this situation can be changed, change our refrigerator air filter core, refrigerator air filter replacement is coming!air refrigerator

      First let's take a look at the structure of the air filter , the refrigerator air filter replacement is composed of high efficiency multi-layer structure, the main filter media of refrigerator air filter replacement-activated carbon fiber has excellent absorption capacity to smoke, unpleasant smell. The other filter media-activated carbon sponge, activated carbon cloth, also can help to capture large impurities. Multi-layered filter design has a superior absorption effect and can filter a large range of impurities of different particle sizes. The BAV is higher than the original brand and our air filter is more powerful than baking soda, such as AF001 is at least 28 times more powerful than baking soda.

     So what is BAV? The absorption capacity of air filters is measured based on BAV(Benzene Absorption Value) : BAV references the absorption capacity of the filter materials. the higher the BAV, the higher the absorption capacity of impurties in the air.

Our company has 5 kinds of refrigerator air filter replacement, namely AF001, AF002, AF003, AF004 and AF005.These 5 filter elements are respectively applicable to Frigidaire PAULTRA, Electrolux EAFCBF, Whirlpool W10311524, Frigidaire EAF1CB, Electolux EAF1CB, LT120F, etc.

    With the company of refrigerator air filter replacement, our refrigerator will become more and more let us like, we are not afraid to store many ingredients in our refrigerator.

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