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Do you know the function of the tap water filter?

Published by admin July 31,2020

More and more people are looking for the best tap water filter. With the increasingly serious environmental pollution and secondary pollution of water. People pay more attention to the safety of water quality. Most people don't know the function of water filters very well. People only know that it has the function of purifying water quality, in fact, the best tap water filter’s function is much stronger than you think.

best tap water filter,tap water filter  

There are two types of tap water purifier, basic and upgraded, they are all the best tap water filter. Basic type can be removed chlorine, color, odor, Voc, THM’s, etc. Chlorine reduction rate is more than 99%. The basic function can meet your basic water quality needs. If you have a higher demand for water quality, the basic type can not meet your needs, you can choose the upgraded type.

The upgraded type can meet your water quality requirements. Satisfy your desire to find the best tap water filter. Effective removal of pesticides and herbicides has been tested by the third partylab SGS. The removal rate of lindane and toxaphene is higher than 90% and the removal rate of 2.4-D and atrazine is higher than 80%. Effectively prevent harmful substances from entering our bodies.

best tap water filter,tap water filter

In addition to the above substances, heavy metals can be removed from water too. The removal rate of cadmium, copper, chromium is higher than 96%, the removal rate of arsenic is higher than 87%, the removal rate of mercury and lead is higher than 99%. The function of reducing heavy metals has been tested by the third-party SGS. Quality is worthy of your trust.

It is our duty to protect your drinking water safety and your health. With the purpose of serving consumers whole heartedly, Choose us, choose high quality products, let you experience the service of the best tap water filter.

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