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What's the Function of Pitcher of Life Filters?

Published by admin October 20,2020

Do you know the functions of pitcher of life filters?

Well, People will probably know function of water pitcher filter is to remove impurities from the water and protect people's health and safety. When people drink water with a water pitcher, they obviously notice that there is a place to store filter in the center of the water pitcher. It is the water pitcher filter that plays an important role in water purification.

  pitcher of life filters,best filter pitcher

It can be said that the design structures of pitcher of life filters determine its' function, so it can be said that it is designed to make the function of the water pitcher filter come true. The function of each part of the water pitcher filter is described below based on the structure of the water purifier.

Special designed top cover- Collect water and lead water into the tank.

Filter netting- High mesh netting to remove big impurities.

Two-tank design- Stop small carbon particles coming out into the purified water.

High quality non-sodium resin- Strong ability to remove scale and does not bring salts into water.

High quality natural coconut shell activated carbon- evenly size, 99% chlorine removal rate.

  pitcher of life filters,best filter pitcher

According to the structure and function of the above pitcher of life filters, a clearer understanding of water pitcher filter can be obtained. The following is a function conclusion of water pitcher filters.                                   

The pitcher of life filters can effectively remove absorb chlorine and unpleasant odor and smell in water. Effectively isolates sediment, hair, and tiny impurities in the water. seperate heavy metals such as water, copper, and does not bring Na+ which is not good to health. The unique structure of water pitcher filter can stop carbon fines coming out. Water will flow through the filter cartridges without leakage.

After reading this article, I hope to help you understand the function of pitcher of life filters. If you want to know more about the water pitcher filters, you can leave your contact information or you can visit our official website.

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