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What Factors Affect the Service Life of Water Filter Cartridge?

Published by admin July 13,2020

The water filter not use once and for all after installation. Although the safety problem of drinking water is solved, the equipment loss and water filter cartridge service life also become a "barrier" in the user's heart. If there is a problem with the water filter cartridge, the drinking water is not equal to not filtering, or even more dangerous due to excessive harmful substances deposited. How long is the service life of the water filter cartridge and what factors affect it?

1.Type of water filter cartridge

At present, there are many kinds of cartridges of household water purifier, such as PP cotton, activated carbon, RO membrane, etc. when we buy household water filter, we should choose according to our own needs and local water quality. However, the replacement cycle of different types of water filter cartridges is different. Generally speaking, the service life of PP cotton is about 3 months, the service life of activated carbon filter cartridge is about 6 months, the service life of post activated carbon filter cartridge is about 12 months, the service life of ultrafiltration membrane and RO membrane is about 2 years... But this "about" always keeps the user's heart in suspense.

2. Water quality

Different water sources and different areas have different water quality for the service life of the cartridge of the water purifier. In some places, the water quality is very good, so the replacement cycle of the water filter cartridge will be relatively prolonged. On the contrary, if the water quality of the place where you live is poor, then you may need to change the filter cartridge of the water purifier more frequently to ensure the health of your drinking water.

3. Intensity of use

No matter what kind of water filter you use, the frequency of use is one of the most important indicators to determine the frequency of water filter cartridge replacement. We should know that there is a limit to the filtration capacity of any filter cartridge. When a water filter cartridge reaches the saturation point, it must be replaced, which is more important for the water filter without sewage outlet. Otherwise, the water from the water filter will even be secondary polluted, which is not as good as tap water. Therefore, it is more necessary to change the water filter cartridge regularly when using the purifier with high strength (frequency).

4 Product quality

The replacement cycle of high-quality water filter cartridges is usually much longer than that of low-quality products. In recent years, the high profit of household water filter has attracted many manufacturers to put into production, which also leads to the uneven quality of household water filter products. There are some manufacturers in the production and sale of water filter more energy to hype the concept, the actual purification effect is very limited. In order to reduce the production cost of the main machine and filter cartridge of the water filter, some manufacturers use relatively low-cost materials, so the quality of the purified water can not be guaranteed, so the service life of the filter cartridge will be much shorter, and it is more likely to be secondary pollution, which is more dangerous for people to drink.

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