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The Harm of Drinking Pure Water in RO System for a Long Time Is Huge?

Published by admin July 13,2020

It is said that drinking pure water in RO system, "space water" and distilled water for a long time will cause the loss of trace elements in the body, which is not beneficial to the body. The more purified water you drink, the higher the incidence of dental caries, which just shows this problem. It's not good for the body to use purified water for a long time. Although it seems to be very convenient to use, from the perspective of the process flow of purified water, the water is filtered at multiple levels. Although it's pure, at the same time of filtering impurities, the minerals that are originally beneficial to the human body are also filtered out. The pure water in RO system can't be drunk for a long time. More people say that the water quality from the water filter is soft, and the calcium and magnesium content are too low. Long term drinking will increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, and long-term drinking of children will affect their growth and development.

Under the guidance of public opinion, people's interest in drinking pure water in RO system is becoming more and more confused. The harm of drinking pure water machine for a long time is huge? Don't alarmist. Let's speak with facts.

The reason why the water filter product can become a new environmental protection product is also attributed to the technology inside. Although the water filter adopts pure physical filtration and retention technology, its technology comes from the research and development of aerospace industry. It is no doubt that the filtering of ink and urine. The effluent standard of the water filter not only conforms to the sanitary standard for drinking water, but also conforms to the national food safety standard packaging drinking water, so when you turn on the faucet of the water filter, the outflow water quality is equivalent to bottled water, not tap water.

The water filter is a water-related product, and it must have the approval document of hygiene license for products involving drinking water hygiene and safety issued by the state, and even meet some international drinking water involved standards, such as NSF, WQA, etc. At the same time, the selected parts related to water for the water filter must also be made of food grade materials.

The microelements and minerals of human body do not need to be supplemented from water. In fact, the nutrients of human body are hardly from water, but mainly from food. The microelements and minerals supplied by water to us are actually very small, even can be ignored. When you are short of calcium, the doctor will never tell you to go back and drink more water.

Human body gets little nutrition and minerals in water. 99% of them are obtained from grains, fruits and vegetables, chicken, eggs and milk. For example, the calcium content of a cup of milk is equal to the calcium content of 200 cups of mineral water, and the iron content of a piece of meat is equal to the iron content of 8200 cups of mineral water. Most of these substances are supplemented by food, not by drinking water.

The main function of water is to transport nutrients in the body and promote the digestion and metabolism of some nutrients. On the other hand, help the body excrete metabolites.

Therefore, it is harmless to drink pure water in RO system for a long time.

Suggestion: the most important thing for drinking water is purity. The purification effect of water filter meets the drinking standard and is suitable for drinking for a long time.

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