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Do you know the water pitcher filter ?

Published by admin July 13,2020

    With the improvement of people's living standard and the aggravation of environmental pollution, more and more families begin to pay attention to the safety of drinking water, so a variety of purifiers and water pitcher filters have emerged on the market.

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     But do you know the water pitcher filter ? What is the principle of filters ? Take this filter as an example: Special designed top cover-Collect water and lead water into the tank; Filter netting-high mesh netting to remove big impurities; Two-tank design-stop small carbon particles coming out into the purified water; high quality non-sodium resin-strong ability to remove scale and does not bring salts into water; high quality natural coconut shell actiated carbon-evenly size, 99% chlorine removal rate. Simply , it is to filter impurities before improving the taste of the water, which is the basic function of a household water pitcher.

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       Why our technicists designed that strcture ? For this unique structure can stop carbon fines coming out. Water 100% flows through the filter cartridges, no leakage. Food grade non-sodium positive resin reduce lime scales, soften water, at the same time it dose not bring in Na+ which is not good to health. 

      Generally speaking, the filtration life of the water pitcher filter  is 4 weeks, that is, 40 gallons, so as to avoid the filter being used for too long and affecting the water quality. And how to change the filter?  First, after opening the pot, clean the filter and soak the filter for a few minutes (or hold it in your hand and shake it in the water for 3-5 minutes) to clean the pot.  Second, put the filter into the container of the water pitcher.  Third, turn on the timer on the lid of the pot, press start for a long time, adjust the number of families, press it for a few seconds, set the number of people, and it will automatically prompt you to change the filter time.  Remember: do not drink the filtered water until it is clear.carbon water filter pitcher brita water filter jug review nsf water filter clean water pitcher  brita pur filter




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