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Do you know the four core problems of household water ?

Published by admin July 10,2020

   When people describe the importance of water, they will say that water is the source of life. From this sentence, we can see that water is very, very important to our daily life.That is, household water- reverse osmosis water is very important. Why ?

1. Particle impurities: due to aging, maintenance and overload of water supply, sediment, rust and other particle impurities inevitably exist in the urban water supply pipe network.

2. Off-color odor: chlorinated disinfectants, pesticides and fertilizers, and organic pollutants used in tap water treatment

3. Scale: scale is the product of crystalline deposition of calcium and magnesium ions in water

4. Bacteria: the bacteria that live in tap water are mainly e. coli and legionella.

home water treatment systems

    The bacterium in water, heavy metal wait for a material, also be to cause one of chief criminal of disease of the disease such as giddy, indolence, stone, baby, digestive system and urinary system also often cause catastrophic damage because of bad water.

    Based on the above, our company -- Tianjin yuanda industry and trade co., ltd. has been committed to improving the water environment of drinking water for families and making it the mission of our company to let more people have access to healthy and pure water. Since its establishment in 2001, after 18 years of continuous development, our company has become one of the largest water purification companies in China. We are specializing in commercial, residential, outdoor, and industrial water filtration system and accessories. The company not only produces suitable domestic products, water dispenser, RO membrane, PP.GAC, CTO, etc., but also works hard to develop foreign markets and develop products suitable for European and American countries, such as Refrigerator Water & Air Filters, Coffee Machine Water Filters, Pool & Spa Filters, Reverse Osmosis System , Water Pitcher Filters, Whole House Filter System & Filter Cartridges. It has completely improved all aspects of the domestic water environment- reverse osmosis water, making the four core problems troubling domestic water no longer a problem, and making people's water environment healthier and safer.

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