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Choose the Best and Most Suitable RV Water Filter

Published by admin July 13,2020

Clean and pure water is vital to life. There is no guarantee that you will find it every time you stop. The water obtained at various stops during the journey may taste, smell and even look different from what you are used to.

The RV water filter eliminates this situation. Not only do they make the water smell and taste better, they also remove sediments and other pollutants. Most RV water filters are installed in filter canisters that can be installed anywhere on the vehicle.

Inline filter

The inline filter is a simple, entry-level water filter. It is recommended for owners of RVs that use rigs intermittently. Simply tighten it to connect it to a standard hose.

Standard filter

These are the best options for water filtration. They can be customized to solve your specific water problem.

Jumbo filter

These filtration systems are recommended for full-time RVs. They have all the advantages of standard tanks, but have higher flow rates and require fewer filter cartridges to be replaced.

Water pressure and flow in RV water filter

Flow rate is the amount of water delivered within a set time. Pressure is a measure of hydraulic power. Pressure and flow are interrelated, the better the pressure, the better the flow.

The RV piping system is usually set to 60 to 85 psi. The working pressure of the house piping is 60 psi. If you set the pressure to 100 psi, the piping system can easily break. Install a pressure regulator to prevent rupture of the pipe.

Regarding water flow, size is very important. Anything that blocks or reduces the size of the pipe will cause flow problems.

The reason: Collapsed or kinked hoses are the first to check for flow problems.

Regulators are a wise investment, but they also limit flow. The cheaper the regulator, the higher the chance that traffic will be restricted.

RV Water Filter Size-Relationship to Flow

The larger the filter, the more holes, so the better the flow. The smaller the filter, the fewer holes, so the flow will be restricted. Purchase the largest canister to improve flow. Filters can also block sediment and other contaminants. If you experience flow problems, you may need to clean or replace the filters.

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