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BESTPURE PP Filter Cartridge 10 ×2.5" for Water Filtration

Published by admin July 31,2020

PP filter cartridge is tubular filter cartridge that made of non-toxic and tasteless polypropylene particles, which formed through heated, melted, spun, pulled and received technology. If the raw material is mainly polypropylene, it can be called PP sediment melt blown filter cartridge.

Advantages of PP filter cartridge

1. It can effectively remove all kinds of particulate matter in water

The water flows from the outside to the inside of PP filter cartridge. After layer by layer filtration, the closer to the inner layer of filter cartridge, the smaller the aperture, the higher the precision of filtration. When the particle impurities pass through the PP filter pore canal, the phenomenon of bridging will occur. Even the particles smaller than the pore canal can be blocked, so as to remove all kinds of particle impurities in the filtered liquid.

2. Multi layer deep structure, very large pollutant absorption capacity

The outer fiber of PP filter cartridge is relatively thick, while the inner fiber is relatively thin, the outer layer is relatively loose, and the inner layer is close, forming a multi-layer gradient structure with gradual diameter and gradually tight. Each layer of this multi-layer structure can intercept and store impurities in the water. When many layers are added up, the amount of pollutants will be very large.

3. Large filtration flow and small differential pressure

PP fiber, the raw material of PP, is entangled with each other by self-adhesive to form a three-dimensional curved diameter microporous structure. Different from the fiber distribution in traditional fabrics and non-woven fabrics, it has a larger specific surface area and higher porosity. Large surface area and many small holes can make the water pass through PP filter cartridge quickly, without too much difference between the height of internal and external water, so not only the filtration flow is large, but also the differential pressure is small.

4. No chemical adhesive, more hygienic and safe

Through melt blown, drawn and received technology, polypropylene fibers are entangled with each other by self adhesion, forming PP filter cartridges of different shapes and sizes. Unlike other filter cartridges, PP filter cartridges do not need to be bonded with other materials. Because the chemical composition of PP filter cartridge is clean and meets the food hygiene standard, it will not cause secondary pollution to the liquid to be filtered due to the material, so it is safer to use.

5. Good chemical stability, acid, alkali, organic solution, oil resistance

The chemical stability of PP filter cartridge is closely related to its raw material polypropylene. The chemical stability of polypropylene is very good, except for being eroded by concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, it is relatively stable to other chemicals. Because of this property, PP is used in chemical, electronic and other fields.

6. It integrates surface, deep layer and fine filtration, with the characteristics of large flow, corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance

Due to the multiple advantages of PP filter cartridge, it has the characteristics of large flow, high precision, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, and its cost is not very high. It is widely used in the pre filtration treatment of pure water, food and drinking water, RO machine penetration, etc.

 Advantage of BESTPURE PP10

•The filter is NSF42 certified by WQA Gold Seal.

•The filter has three Layers. Micron rate differs from outside to inside. Outer layer is 10 micron. Middle layer is 7 micron. Inner layer is 5 micron. By this way, the filter not only has bigger dirty capacity, but also assure the filtration effects.

•The filter has an Absolute Micron Rate-5 micron, which means the particle removal rate can be 95%    

or over. General filter only have Nominal Micron Rate.

10 x 2.5 PP Filter Cartridge

Food grade material; 100% fresh polypropylene






OD: 2.5” ;  ID:1.1” ;  Length: 9.8”


7 x 25.5x 25.5cm = 2.8”x 10” x 10”


520g = 18.3oz






4-52℃  =39-126℉






Remove sediment such as sand, rust particles and scale particles.


10” standard whole house water filter system

Universal sediment filter for filtration models of GE, Culligan, Dupont, Kenmore, Omnifilter, Whirlpool, etc.

•Fits FH-B10 Filter Housing.

•Replaces the same size (10” x2.5”) of following models.

Model No.  

Compatible Codes 

Micron Rate 


Hydronix SDC-25-1001 

1 micron 


Hydronix SDC-25-1005 

5 micron 


Hydronix SDC-25-1010 

10 micron 


Hydronix SDC-25-1020 

20 micron 


Hydronix SDC-25-1050 

50 micron 


Pentek PS1-10C

1 micron 


Pentek P1

1 micron 


Pentek PS5-10C

5 micron 


Pentek 155014-43

5 micron 


Pentek P5 9-7/8

5 micron 


Pentek PS20-10C

20 micron 


Pentek P25

25 micron 

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