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Where to buy the best refrigerator water filter?

Published by admin July 13,2020

Refrigerator, as a household appliance, plays an important role in people's life. With the coming of summer, people will use refrigerators more and more frequently, which is the best time to sell refrigerator water filters. Best refrigerator water filter will meet people's requirements, win people's favor, promoting sales volumes.

If you have question about where to buy the refrigerator water filter, you can check out products of our company. The best refrigerator water filter produced by our company have NSF42 certified by both NSF and WQA with system performance. There are various types of refrigerator water filters for LG, Samsumg, GE, Whirlpool, and other refrigerators which can effectively remove chlorine, impurities, odors, Voc, THM's etc.

 best refrigerator water filter

It can also removing pesticidesc and herbicides that tested by the third-party lab SGS. The reduction rate of 2.4-D and Atrazine are both higher than 95%, Lindane and Toxaphere are both higher than 90%. The best refrigerator water filters can effectively reduce the residues of harmful substances and protect the health of refrigerators and people.

You can choose our company and we will provide you with best frigerator water filter and services. According to NSF42 chlorine reduction test result, the YUNDA refrigerator water filter have an average chlorine reduction rate of 99.06%. after having been tested to 1500G, the chlorine reduction is 98.57%, still much higher than the NSF42 standard which is 50%. It means after using 1500G, the filter can be continuely used for chlorine reduction.  

 best refrigerator water filter

The best frigerator water filter have developed void space structure large surface area good absorption capacity, The function is further enhanced and the effect is more obvious.

The refrigerator filter element produced by our company has various models and excellent quality. There is always one that meets your requirements. If you are interested, you can contact us by email and other exercises. We look forward to cooperating with you.

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